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Fran Lewis

Just Reviews

"Fans of baseball never really consider when attending a game that they are going there at their own risk. Most people go to enjoy the game; the vendors, the sideshows and watching their favorite teams play. Phone calls on their cell phones, taking videos and not always watching the action, even divert some...

As I started reading this book I had no idea about the definition and different interpretations of the Baseball Rule nor did I realize that so many would take one side or the other. Some want certain seats that are assigned in more vulnerable areas to injury to be netted or screened while others claim the nets obstruct their view. But, while in some cases nets were erected they still did not safe a fan from injury because in many cases the netting was defective and no one noticed it before or during the game until something happened...

The author sites many cases that will illuminate how the teams and the owners manage to skirt taking responsibility for injures that are not minor but grave...

Enlightening, illuminating and definitely a book that everyone needs to read before purchasing that ticket for the next home game."


Fran Lewis: Just reviews/MJ magazine

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Bob Gorman

Death at the Ballpark

"Miami attorney Jack Herskowitz has just published (Trimark Press, 2017) an interesting, clearly written treatise on the dangers fans face when attending baseball games.  Written for the layperson, Danger at the Ballpark describes in detail, with numerous case illustrations, how the archaic legal doctrine commonly known as the Baseball Rule (“assumption of risk”) has been applied by the courts over the years to protect baseball from lawsuits by injured fans...

Mr. Herskowitz takes a legal scalpel to the Baseball Rule, showing how faulty logic and twisted legal reasoning have been used over the decades to strip baseball spectators of the common safety protections they are entitled to in any other public setting.  He also addresses injuries from violence and falls and makes recommendations for the simple steps baseball should (but won’t) take to protect fans.  Highly recommended for anyone interested in this very timely topic."

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Amazon Customer

One of the greatest personal accounts of some of the dangers we, as fans and patrons of baseball, experience everyday from just a day out at the park. I loved every moment as i pieced through personal stories, hilarious cases, and some of the more sad times in which baseball failed to protect its most precious commodity, its fans. I can say nothing but great things about this book.

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Jon H.

An incredible eye-opening read. I have gained a whole new perspective on MLB, the teams, and how they "protect" the fans who support them. This is a must read for sports fans.

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Howard H.

"Just when we think we have read or seen or heard everything about the rules of baseball, along comes a book like Danger at the Ballpark. The author, Jack Herskowitz, former high school baseball star, then successful attorney, will surprise you, perhaps shock you. As a fellow author, lawyer, and sports fan myself, I was surprised and shocked upon reading Danger at the Ballpark. I found it hard to believe that the antiquated Baseball Rule still stands today - meaning that the owners of baseball teams and ballparks are nearly always immune from responsibility to fans - in the event those fans are struck by flying balls or bats, no matter how serious the injury - with very few exceptions. The author ably chronicles the evolution of this assumption of the risk defense into the current Baseball Rule, still effective in most states of the USA. The author also describes challenges in court against the Rule (most of these being unsuccessful, though some courts have ruled in favor of the injured fan).

This gem of a very well-written book, Danger at the Ballpark, by author Jack Herskowitz, is a must-read for the millions of spectator sports fans around the world, especially baseball fans."

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