It could be hazardous to your health.

When fans enter the ballpark, they assume the risk of serious injury, not only by a wicked line drive or flying bat, but from a fall over a low railing, fights with other fans or players sparked by the unrestricted sale of alcohol, and yes, even the team mascot.

Miami attorney Jack Herskowitz, recounting his own near tragic experience at a baseball park, exposes the many dangers that lurk at the ball park with true stories of spectators who have been seriously injured, because Major League Baseball, its teams and stadium operators, refuse to protect the fans, knowing that the law shields them from lawsuits.

From its infancy, baseball has evolved not only in the way the game is played on the field, but also from a singular event to a total entertainment experience. What has not changed is the inattention to fan safety… and the law.

Herskowitz provides story after hair-raising story of near misses, injuries and tragedies, and the unsuccessful lawsuits that followed, while offering far better options for fan safety than the ballparks’ ineffective warnings.

Danger at the Ballpark

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Jack Herskowitz and Trimark Press present Danger at the Ballpark. An in-depth study of America’s favorite pastime and the dangers it presents.

Read about the ways MLB is letting its fans down and recommendations that could protect you at the next game.